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Discuss metal silicon cooperation with foreign customers

We are pleased to announce that on July 2nd, we successfully held an important meeting with a foreign customer to discuss cooperation in silicon metal. The whole process went very smoothly and we achieved satisfactory results.

Anyang Dingsheng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. team building activity

One day in June, Anyang Dingsheng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. organized a wonderful team building activity. We came to a very beautiful place, where the air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant.

Application of Metal Silicon Powder in Cement Mortar

Metal silicon powder reacts with hydration products to form a gel, which can fill the pores in cement mortar. Adding an appropriate amount of metal silicon powder in cement mortar can have the following effects:

What is the difference between metal silicon 441 and metal silicon 553

As an additive to non-ferrous alloys, silicon metal is widely used in the steelmaking industry, so where is silicon metal used? What is the difference between metal silicon 441 and 553? Let's learn more about it.

Metal silicon powder manufacturer's introduction to its practicability

At present, my country's metallurgical industry is developing very rapidly, and more and more metallurgical materials have been widely used.

Why is metal silicon 441 applied in the metallurgical industry

Metal silicon 441 manufacturers know that the additional products of metal silicon include edge silicon, silicon powder, black silicon, metal silicon slag, etc.

Silicon metal price analysis

The silicon metal industry market research report is to use scientific methods to collect, record, and organize relevant market information and materials related to the silicon metal industry in a purposeful and systematic manner, analyze the market situation of the silicon metal industry, and understand the current situation of the silicon metal industry market and the silicon metal industry. The price development trend can provide objective and correct information for investment decision-making or marketing decision-making in the silicon metal industry.

Metal silicon manufacturers say the difference between silicon carbon alloy and ferrosilicon

As far as silicon metal manufacturers know, both silicon-carbon alloys and ferrosilicon can be used in the steelmaking industry, so what are the differences between the two?

Silicon metal manufacturers take you to understand the products

Metal silicon manufacturers take you into metal silicon, let's take a look in detail !
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