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Metal silicon powder manufacturer's introduction to its practicability

DATE: Mar 16th, 2023
At present, my country's metallurgical industry is developing very rapidly, and more and more metallurgical materials have been widely used. The application of such products not only promotes the development of my country's smelting industry, but also drives the rapid development of my country's economy. Common metallurgical materials in the industrial field include ferrosilicon alloy, silicon carbide, ferromanganese alloy, metal silicon, etc., which play different roles in steelmaking and cast iron. Metal silicon is also a relatively practical metallurgical product, which plays a good role in improving product performance. Let the manufacturers of metal silicon powder introduce its practicability below!

Filling the metal silicon powder in the pores increases the bulk density and reduces the porosity, and the strength can be significantly enhanced; the metal silicon powder has strong activity and can form colloidal particles in water. Adding an appropriate amount of dispersant can enhance the fluidity, thereby Improve pouring performance; metal silicon powder has strong hydrophilicity and activity, which can enhance the cohesion of refractory materials, and at the same time greatly improve the high temperature performance, and can prolong the service life of refractory products, so it is widely used in the refractory industry. It is used in high-temperature industries such as steelmaking furnaces and kilns, and has high practical value. The above is a brief introduction of metal silicon powder suppliers, I hope you have a certain knowledge and understanding of this product. At present, the market demand for metal silicon powder materials in my country is relatively large, so many manufacturers have great differences in price positioning. At this time, we need to pay great attention to purchasing, and it is very important to ensure the corresponding after-sales guarantee.