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Why is metal silicon 441 applied in the metallurgical industry

DATE: Feb 9th, 2023
Metal silicon 441 manufacturers know that the additional products of metal silicon include edge silicon, silicon powder, black silicon, metal silicon slag, etc. Among them, microsilica powder, also known as silica fume, silica powder or silica fume, is widely used in the concrete industry and refractory materials. The main component of metal silicon powder is crystalline silicon. Its shape is blocky at first, and its color is relatively stable. After a series of crushing or grinding work, it is in a powder state, generally speaking, it is inactive.
Generally, sodium hydroxide is used as a catalyst, and silica sol is prepared by dissolving silica powder, that is, silica sol with a silica content of more than 30% and a yield of more than 80%, is also called silicic acid hydrosol or silica hydrosol. It has been widely used in precision casting, catalyst carrier, paper making, textile and other industries. The preparation method of metal silicon powder is simple and easy, and the preparation principle is easy to understand. After dispersing, send a certain amount of coarse silicon powder into the plasma arc with an inert gas, so that the coarse silicon powder is instantly evaporated into silicon vapor at a higher temperature, and then the silicon vapor enters the cooling zone and condenses into other metal silicon at the nanometer level. Powder, some impurity components will be produced during the production of metal silicon powder. To obtain pure metal silicon, it is necessary to do a good job of removing impurities. Silicon metal has high purity and is an industrially purified elemental silicon. It is mainly used in the production of silicon and is used in the 3C industry. In addition to preparing high-purity semiconductor materials, they can also be used to manufacture special-purpose alloys. When purchasing materials, we should also choose reliable manufacturers. The quality of materials produced in our factory is guaranteed. Please give us a call to inquire. Or log on to our official website.