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Anyang Dingsheng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. team building activity

DATE: Jun 14th, 2023
One day in June, Anyang Dingsheng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. organized a wonderful team building activity. We came to a very beautiful place, where the air is fresh and the scenery is pleasant.

The team building activity started, and everyone actively prepared the ingredients for lunch. Our lunch today is hot pot and barbecue. Some people are washing and chopping vegetables, and some are hanging hammocks.Everyone is busy, making rich preparations for today's lunch. During the whole process, everyone got along very harmoniously and happily.

We enjoyed the food together, the aroma of barbecue and hot pot filled our nostrils, everyone can eat their favorite food, this feeling is great!

Next, everyone entered into the exchange of experience. Everyone took turns to speak and shared their recent work experience. While communicating, everyone enjoyed delicious fruits and drinks, encouraged each other, learned together, and gained a lot.

Throughout the team building process, the atmosphere was warm and everyone was very happy. Through this team building activity, everyone has a deeper understanding of each other and established a closer relationship. Here, we are not just colleagues, but more like a family. Everyone said that in the future, they will be more united and cooperative, and contribute their own strength to the development and growth of the company.
Finally, amidst everyone's laughter and laughter, the team building activity came to an end. Everyone reaped happiness, growth, and deeper friendship.