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Manganese Metal Lumps

Anyang Dingsheng provides manganese metal lumps with different specifications.
Product Description

Manganese metal lumps manufacturing process

  1. Use electrolytic metal manganese flakes as raw materials. Equipped with a certain desulfurization and decarburization agent.
  2. Add to the intermediate frequency electric furnace for smelting. The manganese liquid obtained after fully melting.
  3. Pour the manganese liquid into the casting ingot mold.
  4. Crushed after solidification.
  5. Made of 10-60mm metal manganese blocks.
Manganese Metal Lump
Spec Mn C S P Si
95-97% 0.05-0.1% 0.05% 0.05% 1.00%
Size 10-50mm, 90%min
Packing In big bags of 1000kgs net each
Manganese metal lumps block is usually used as an alloying additive. The main purpose is to be used as ferro-alloys in the steel smelting.
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