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What is the content of metal silicon 441

DATE: Sep 26th, 2022
As an additive for non-ferrous alloys, silicon metal 441 is widely used in the steelmaking industry. The raw materials for making silicon metal 441 are mainly from quartz and coke, which are smelted by high-voltage electric heating furnaces. Silicon also contains some trace elements such as iron, aluminum, calcium and other elements, but steelmaking mainly relies on the silicon element of metal silicon 441, so what is the silicon content of metal silicon 441?

Let's follow the editor to understand: the content of silicon metal silicon 441:

Silicon metal is a non-ferrous alloy. Usually, we use the element content inside metal silicon to distinguish the grades. For example, metal silicon 441 contains 0.4 of iron, 0.4 of aluminum, 0.4 of calcium, and 0.4 of metal. Silicon 441 is a grade with high silicon content, of which the silicon content of metal silicon 441 is as high as 99%, which has a good deoxidation effect in the steelmaking process.

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