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Preparation of metal silicon 441 raw material

DATE: Sep 28th, 2022
Silicon metal 441 is prepared from silicon block as raw material and is widely used in various high-tech industries. At present, in the production unit of metal silicon 441, the silicon powder screening machine is an important equipment for selecting silicon powder, but in the process of vibration screening, there is a large amount of silicon powder in the air, which will explode once it encounters an open flame. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the processing efficiency, how to safely produce silicon powder is a technical problem that the industry is trying to solve.

Silicon metal 441 is often purchased by steel-making manufacturers, mainly because silicon metal 441 has a high content of silicon, which is an element in steelmaking. It can combine with oxygen in molten steel, so metal silicon 441 has It is good for deoxidation. At the same time, adding metal silicon 441 into molten steel during the steelmaking process can play a good role in collecting slag, making it more convenient to filter impurities in molten steel and improving the purity of molten steel. In general, silicon metal 441 is widely used in steelmaking, which is also the reason for the large purchase volume of steelmaking manufacturers.

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