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Daily analysis of silicon metal prices

DATE: Oct 13th, 2022
On the whole, the price of silicon metal is currently rising, and the cost gap between individual factories is obvious.
Now the competition is not only suppressing the downstream dimension reduction, but the upstream competition may have gradually begun. From the perspective of cost, most single factories have a strong willingness to stabilize prices, and they are eager to increase their prices. But for the current limited demand, single factories with cost advantages may take the opportunity to raise the cost of their peers, and then accept orders at low prices.
Therefore, under the contradiction between cost and demand, the upstream no longer has the tacit understanding of the past. The competition in the silicone industry chain has been comprehensive.
If the price of silicon metal continues to rise in the future, some single-unit factories may be under pressure to reduce production or increase production, but it will be difficult to reverse the situation by relying on cost alone.