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Silicon metal manufacturers analyze applications in foundry industry

DATE: Oct 17th, 2022

In the production of the foundry industry, adding an appropriate amount of metal silicon powder can play a certain role in deoxidation. Metal silicon powder can replace ferrosilicon, reduce production costs and improve the quality of castings. The metallic silicon powder reacts with the oxygen in the liquid slag phase or liquid metal, and strongly releases a large amount of combustion heat, because the formed SiO escapes quickly in this case, which strengthens the dynamic conditions of the reaction and is very helpful for the deoxidation process. . Both Si and C contained in SiC have the potential to be oxidized. When the temperature is the same, the potential of the two is almost the same, so SiC is a cold-air cupola and a deoxidizer for a hot-air cupola.

Deoxidation in SiC induction furnace, SiSiC and CSiC are determined by the amount and quality of scrap steel, which are above 85% and 95%. It is of little significance to the cupola, and the deoxidation effect can only be summarized. The melting process (including cold air, secondary air use, oxygen enrichment, hot air, acid, alkaline, no lining) and the changing factors temporarily employed in the melting process can have a significant impact.

The above silicon metal manufacturers have analyzed the detailed application of metal silicon in the foundry industry. I hope that through the above analysis, you will have a deeper understanding of metal silicon.