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Metal silicon manufacturers analyze common sense of metal silicon

DATE: Aug 5th, 2022

According to the knowledge of metal silicon manufacturers, in order to ensure the quality of metal silicon, the production raw materials must be strictly controlled to avoid the production of unqualified metal silicon due to the quality of raw materials, resulting in certain losses. After preparing the raw materials, the silica should be washed, sieved and dried; according to the type of reducing agent used, the ingredients should be prepared in different proportions, and the proportions of various materials should be controlled by a computer program.

On the belt, the materials are mixed evenly through the process of feeding them into the electric furnace. According to the analysis of metal silicon manufacturers, the feeding process with high degree of automation and large-scale is carried out continuously. It leads to the electric current, heats the material in it, and reaches a high temperature of more than 1800 degrees Celsius. The silicon is reduced in the skull, showing a liquid state, and it is released through the silicon outlet and cast into a silicon ingot.

The metal silicon manufacturer will analyze for you. If the bottom blowing method of oxygen and air is used, the bottom-blown oxygen-breathing brick is installed in the bottom of the bag, and there are many thin copper pipes in the breathable brick. The oxygen and air flow from the thin copper pipes. It is blown into the silicon melt for refining, and after the oxygen blowing is completed, the air also forms a positive pressure into the silicon melt through the breathable brick. The refining process requires more stirring. The principle of compressed air is used for stirring. The purpose is to improve the kinetic conditions of the metal element phase reaction in the material, accelerate slag formation, remove impurities as soon as possible, and reduce heat loss and silicon liquid sticking.

The above is the common sense of metal silicon analyzed by metal silicon manufacturers. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions in the later stage, you can leave us a message on the website in time. We are a reliable metal silicon manufacturer, please feel free to consult.