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How to choose high quality metal silicon 441

DATE: Aug 6th, 2022
In fact, metal silicon can be divided into many kinds. In order to let everyone better understand metal silicon, we will briefly introduce the types of metal silicon: according to the three main impurities of iron, aluminum and calcium contained in metal silicon According to the weight, the metal silicon can be divided into different grades. Metal silicon 441 is also one of them.

 Industrially, metallic silicon 441 is usually prepared by reducing carbon dioxide to silicon dioxide in an electric furnace. The following is the chemical reaction equation of metal silicon: SiO2 + 2C → Si + 2CO The purity of silicon obtained in this way is 98-99%, and the product generated under this chemical reaction is called metal silicon. It is then melted and recrystallized, and impurities are removed with acid to obtain metallic silicon with a purity of 99.7-99.8%. As we all know, the composition of metal silicon 441 is mainly silicon, so it has similar properties to silicon. Silicon has two allotropes, amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Amorphous silicon is a gray-black powder that is actually a microcrystal.

Crystalline silicon has the crystal structure and semiconductor properties of diamond, with a melting point of 1410°C and a boiling point of 2355°C, Mohs hardness and brittleness. Amorphous silicon is chemically active and can burn violently in oxygen. Metal silicon 441 reacts with non-metals such as halogen, nitrogen and carbon at high temperature. Amorphous silicon is almost insoluble in all inorganic and organic acids including hydrofluoric acid, but is soluble in mixed acids of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. . Concentrated sodium hydroxide solution can dissolve amorphous silicon and release hydrogen.

Crystalline silicon is relatively inactive and does not combine with oxygen even at high temperatures. Metal silicon 441 is not soluble in any inorganic acid and organic acid, but is soluble in mixed acids of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid and concentrated sodium hydroxide solution. Due to the limited time, the introduction of metal silicon 441 is here first. Of course, there is a lot of information about metal silicon. If you want to know about metal silicon 441, you also need to know more information. You can pay attention to our website. Learn more Related Information.