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Metal silicon manufacturers analyze what is metal silicon

DATE: Sep 11th, 2022

What is metal silicon? I believe everyone is more or less aware of it. Then the metal silicon manufacturers will share with you what metal silicon is here, and you can take a look when you have time.

According to the analysis of metal silicon manufacturers, the emergence of metal silicon is related to the rise of the semiconductor industry. Currently, the common practice is to divide commodity silicon into metallic silicon and semiconductor silicon. Silicon metal is a product smelted by quartz and coke in an electric heating furnace. The content of the main component silicon is about 98%, and the remaining impurities are iron, aluminum, calcium, etc. Semiconductor silicon High-purity metal silicon used to make semiconductor devices. It is sold in the form of polycrystalline and single crystal, the former is cheap and the latter is expensive. It is divided into various specifications due to different uses. According to the statistics of metal silicon manufacturers, about 500,000 tons of metal silicon were consumed in 1985, of which about 60% was used for aluminum alloys, less than 30% was used for organic silicon, about 3% was used for semiconductors, and the rest was used for In steel smelting and precision ceramics, etc. The melting point is 1412°C, and the density is 2.34 g/cm3. Hard and brittle. It is insoluble in acid at room temperature and easily soluble in alkali. The properties of metal silicon are similar to those of germanium, lead and tin, and have semiconductor properties. Silicon is extremely abundant in the earth's crust, second to oxygen, accounting for a quarter of the total weight of the earth's crust, and exists in the form of silica or silicate.

According to metal silicon manufacturers, generally silica and quartz are used for glass and other building materials, and quartz is used to make alloys, metals and single crystals. The use of silicon Silicon is widely used in smelting into ferrosilicon alloy as an alloying element in the iron and steel industry, and as a reducing agent in the smelting of many kinds of metals. Silicon is also a good component in aluminum alloys. Most of the cast aluminum alloys contain silicon. The purchase of metal silicon materials should also choose a reliable metal silicon manufacturer, because only in this way can we choose qualified products and ensure the normal progress of the work. , Well, if you have any questions about metal silicon products in the future, you can leave us a message on the website in time. We are a reliable metal silicon manufacturer.